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Online proofing and digital file delivery solutions for professional photographers

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online proofing & digital file delivery solutions for photographers

Save time and money

by delivering your image files instantly over the web. No more media discs or courier costs.

Display professional web galleries

that assist your clients in viewing and selecting final images and communicating processing instructions to you. Upload projects of images using simple drag and drop in your web browser. No FTP required.

Deliver high rez image files

quickly, simply and securely over the web. Clients login securely and download high rez files to their desktop with one click.

Designed and developed by photographers

Professional online workflow

thats cost effective and easy to use.
  • clients receive a login notification email to view a project gallery of images
  • clients login in securely to view thumbnails and larger image previews
  • compare similar images side by side, add, tag and rank selects in a lightbox
  • share lightboxes of selects with colleagues or email images to anyone for discussion
  • download comp images for position in layouts
  • add notes and instructions and submit selects list for processing and delivery

Create custom portfolios

for project bidding and conduct talent castings

LightBoxEditPro is an online proofing and digital file delivery solutions for professional photographers that streamlines the process of image selection, online proofing and digital file delivery. LightBoxEditPro can be used by graphic designers, web designers, ad agencies, marketing departments, industrial designers, public relations, photographers and more.